Fibre speeds
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This product is exclusively for businesses.

How it works

What could your business do with a faster connection?

Most companies are connected to the internet by a telephone line and a router (typically known as ADSL). This is inexpensive and can provide speeds of up to 24Mbps. The further from the exchange you are the slower the connection is. If the business requires a faster connection normally the other option is to install a leased line to the customers premises. This is where a provider usually runs a fibre optic cable under the street and may require digging up roads to complete this if infrastructure is not in the area. Even when fibre is in the area it is usually cost prohibitive for many businesses as typical installation normally runs into thousands of pounds and monthly rental is in the hunderads.

At Legend we have a third option. If you are in one of our served areas we could provide you with a microwave leased line. A small unit is installed on the outside of the premises to be served and a cable is run inside. A router is then attached to this and the site will then benefit from superfast broadband of up to 100Mbps in both directions.

Installation and rental is a fraction of the cost of a tradational leased line as there is no digging up the roads.

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